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The No, No's
  • No Smoking or alcohol.

  • No Profanity.

  • No silly string or toilet paper.

  • No talcum powder or air horns.

  • No crying during the national anthem.

  • No crying when your player makes a touchdown and you remember when he was just 2 years old . . . yes, time fly’s but you will embarrass him, Mom.  

The Do, Do's
  • ​​​Do feel grateful for living in this great country when they sing the national anthem.​

  • Do Hoot n’ Holler for your team.

  • Do eat, drink (Gatorade) and be merry.

  • Do talk to someone that you don’t know. 

  • Do help that grandma up the stairs.

  • Do organize a ‘wave’ in your cheering section (go ahead, mom, embarrass your player).

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